Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM)

Des Moines University has dedicated the necessary resources to attract and retain some of the very best clinicians to teach OMM.  Additionally, the University has built a laboratory facility that provides an optimal learning environment.  We have made the commitment that, although technology is a useful adjunct to teaching necessary motor skills and manual medical procedures, it is no substitute for hands-on instruction.

The OMM department faculty are actively engaged in teaching OMM to residents affiliated with the DMU OPTI.  We instruct the residents within our OPTI program through didactic and hands-on workshops both here on campus and at regional sites. 

Collectively our department members have years of extensive clinical experience and teaching experience in training students, interns and residents. All six, full-time professors have earned board certification. We provide expert knowledge in a broad cross section of related medical specialties including family practice sports medicine physical medicine & rehabilitation and neuromuscular medicine. This adds a richness of perspective within our program which is particularly helpful for teaching efficient clinical approaches with OMM.